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Photo of Emma in Open Leg Rocker

Marle Place Studio Class, Brenchley

Monday 8.45am & 9.50am

Virtual live Classes, via ZOOM ONLY

Tuesday 9.30am

Wednesday 12pm

Friday 8.30am

Manor Clinic Studios, Sevenoaks

Wednesday 9.00am & 10am

Thursday 9am & 10am


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Would you like to strengthen your core, alleviate back pain, stretch tight muscles and or just feel fitter and more supple? Do you need to practice Pilates to support you in your day to day life, to alleviate sitting at a desk and staring at a screen, or to enhance your performance and minimise injury in other physical activities and sport?


The Pilates repertoire focuses on improving the strength, tone, flexibility, posture and alignment of your whole body. These movements can help to avoid or reduce back and joint pain. Pilates also connects these movements of the body with the breath and the mind which is so beneficial - especially for today’s busy lifestyles. Pilates can even help you to get a better night's sleep!

My classes are based on the original repertiore of 34 exercises by Joseph Pilates. My weekly Zoom classes also focus on one particular area each term. This helps to build on your technique and ability. I sometimes add props and offer modifications to help you get the most from your workout. 

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