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Photo of Emma in Open Leg Rocker

Welcome to Emma Grist Pilates!

Live Online via ZOOM 

If you are pushed for time, or perhaps just prefer the more convenient option of virtual training then these classes are for you! I keep the numbers small and offer personal adjustments so that you get the most from your time. 

I have recently relocated and am no longer running any face to face classes. I hope to set these up again in the near future. 

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I have recently moved and have closed my studio. I plan to teach group mat classes, private classes and Reformer Pilates in the near future but at present I am only teaching live classes virtually via Zoom. 

"Emma's classes are characterised by her warmth and humour; coupled with her excellent tuition and encouraging nature she really makes pilates fun!"

Nick, Speldhurst

Get in touch to find out which class would be best for you. I teach classes in 5 weeks bocks and each class costs £10.

"Where has Pilates been all my life?"

Luke, Tunbridge Wells

If you want to understand more about Pilates please follow me on facebook to see the short videos, technique tips and breakdown of exercises that I post. 

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Would you like to strengthen your core, alleviate back pain, stretch tight muscles and or just feel fitter and more supple? Do you need to practice Pilates to support you in your day to day life, to alleviate sitting at a desk and staring at a screen, or to enhance your performance and minimise injury in other physical activities and sport?


Pilates exercises focus on the core muscles, on strength and tone, on improving flexibility, on postural re-alignment. Pilates can help to avoid or reduce back and joint pain by mobilising the body. By working weekly with a qualified and experienced instructor in small classes or on a Personal Training basis, you will be able to focus on problem areas and your technique and enhance your overall fitness and wellbeing. Connecting the movements of the body with the breath and the mind is so beneficial - especially for today’s busy lifestyles. Pilates can even help you to get a better night's sleep.

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